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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

This is going to sound very contrived, because it is.  But I want to cook my way through a cook book.  I know Julie and Julia did it, and probably several others I don't even know about.  The idea isn't original.  I will tell you one thing though, the idea is smart.

My cooking repertoire is not vast.  I can count on one hand, the items that I make consistently well.
1. Tuna Casserole
2. Bahn Mi Sandwiches
3. Eggs
4. Oven Fried Chicken

The oven fried chicken is really grasping too, because I am usually unhappy with how the crust turns out.

So in 33 years, this is not a great body of work.  I rely very heavily on the prepackaged 'helper' style meals and lots of frozen pizza.  Let us not forget breakfast for dinner.  It is my love language, and I would go against an Iron Chef with confidence if the secret ingredient were breakfast food.

Long story short, for the start of this journey while I am energetic and optimistic, I want to go exotic. But healthy too because Aaron and I both could stand to lose a few pounds.  We are taking this train to India.  Or Los Angeles by way of Dubai.

I received the Aarti Paarti cookbook last year and shame on me, I haven't put it to much use.  Story of all my cookbooks, and I should be and am embarrassed.  I love love love her show, and think she is just so cool and fun.  I was thumbing through and there were a ton of dishes I wanted to try.  I thought, why not just take the opportunity to immerse yourself in Indian cuisine and really try to gain a semblance of competence in that arena.  So that is just want I am doing!

Aaron and I are big time fans of Indian food, so I am excited about this undertaking.  We even had our very first kiss in the parking lot of an Indian restaurant.  It is destiny.
pic credit yelp.com

Stay tuned for delicious meals courtesy of Aarti Sequeria.  Just in case you are reading this - Aarti, if you want to become my best friend, please contact me, we can make this happen.

If you'd like to cook along with me, you can find Aarti's cook book at all the bookstores, or on Amazon below

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